Mountain Biking

The Routes are designed to exhilarate the mountain biker by design though are quite well suited for the avid trail runner and nature walker. 

Clearwater Trails boasts a marvellous mix of terrain and scenic views along four custom-built and well-marked MTB trails. Jan ‘The Man’ Abbott went all out when he designed the routes, making sure there would be something to suit all levels and types of mountain bikers.

An exhilarating mix of hand-made single-track, jeep track and gravel road constitute a fast and riveting ride. Choose between routes along moderate gradients or attempt the more serious downhill section if, of course, you’re prepared to take on the burn as you climb back up out of the valley!

The classic view of the Umtamvuna river gorge on the start of your ride from the Gorge View Deck meets your eyes before you carry on onto the series of flowing berms, switchbacks, natural ramps, bridges and water crossings ahead.


The Blue Route (20km):This is an easy to moderate circular option along a mix of gravel roads, single-track and dual-track. This trail follows the ridge line with only a few gradual hills, but is more technical than the Green   Route.

The Green Route (4.7km):This easy circuit on farm roads and single-track is ideal for family outings and sprint rides. From the cabins, head from the gate to Gorge Viewing Deck. Follow the white rocks with green arrows to stay on route. Green bypasses are interspersed within the Blue Route to offer an alternative course or an easier option.

Mix and match your routes, providing you adhere to the general direction of the route markers, particularly on the Blue Route.

 Safety Rules (IMBA)

IMBA Rules of the Trail
Trail Rules
RulesOfTheTrail.pdf (187.39KB)
IMBA Rules of the Trail
Trail Rules